Sunday, June 6, 2010

There is something here.

The past couple of weeks it's been pretty low key here, except for a figure that keeps on reappearing.
Sometimes coming at me.
It will mostly be white, slender and taller than a child.
Tonight especially while I had all the lights on down stairs, and was moving things around, cleaning and prepping for company on Sunday, I nearly swallowed my heart twice when it crossed my path. I know my defenses are down since I'm uber tired but really!
I'm hoping it has a "message" to tell me as apposed to just sticking around to 'haunt' me. eep!
I know...I know...I really should get instructed in how to communicate better, I'm just not sure I want to "open" my self up to that.
It's right there. Out of the corner of my eye and my heart is all a pitter patter.
Usually I get words in my head...but not for this one.
I feel as if it is inching closer and closer to me and I'm starting to really freak.
Oh great, now I just saw feet. Time to go to bed.

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