Thursday, August 27, 2009


Earlier this year I went to Disneyland with a friend, just the two of us. We did lots of fun non-kid rides! Here we are at California Adventures Tower of Terror. A first for both of us. In the main hall, I caught something flying through.
Maybe it followed us to the broiler room cause here it is again with a few friends.
And if you look in the next photo, they seem to be fading.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Flash back with Dyllan

We spent yesterday at the Laguna Niguel Regional park for a celebration event with some Fiskateers and their family. Later when we got in the car to leave, we decided to drive all around the park to see what else they offer. A lake for fishing, lots of picnic spots and at one end, I had a flash back to when Dyllan was 2, and we were walking around the end closer to Alicia pkwy, he had suddenly pointed towards a bathroom structure and said "Horsey"!
We were the only ones there and no horses were in sight although the place does have horse trails.

Again he squeals, "Horsey"! and runs in the direction of the building, then stops, looks up,(as if the horse is right there) and turns back to us and says "horsey"

I asked him what color the horse was and he said it was brown. I snapped off a few photo's and got nothing. I did not even sense anything. But I beleived he saw what he said , because shortly after, he said "bye bye horsey" and waved at it as if it were trotting off to greener pastures.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shadows and Sounds

Awhile ago I was enjoying a evening of "Will and Grace" reruns. I had the Televisions volume on mute and had the closed caption on instead as to not bother anyone sleeping. I was downstairs in the living room. It was at the end of some episode where 'Jack' did something hilarious and I laughed out loud.
Instantly I heard on my right side a voice, as if it were under water, say- "stop that noise!"

Scared the crap out of me.

But that's not all.

Earlier in the evening I had been witnessing all sorts of shadows darting all over the place. I would see them lean over the railing at me, peek around the corner at the bottom of the stairs, flit under the kitchen table and on it.
I was on edge, because I felt like my home was under invasion.
So I turned on a hall light and even a light in the kitchen.
Helped for a little bit until I heard that sound.

Open door

It all started with a creaking. I kept glancing at the studio's closed door. Well not all the way closed, but closed enough not to open on it's own. The creaking continued, then with a burst, the door swung open and bounced back.
Nope, nothing there.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just the Feet

Last week I attended a magazine launch party for Stampington & Co. You can read the whole post here. After dropping off a friend who rode with me, I saw something strange on the road. It was late. A little after 10pm. I had just turned onto El Toro rd from the 133 and was almost to Aliso Creek rd which takes me home.
Crossing the road on the other side in front of me were what appeared to be two white feet cut off at the ankles. In the direction of how swift the feet were walking and my car moving forward we met. The left side of my face became numb. And I had to run my hand over my face several times to rid of that strange sensation.


I have been meaning to document my life long experiences for some time.
The hand written way is a thing of the past with the availability of blogs and people who can read and relate to any and everything.
I know I'm not alone.
And that I don't make up what I see, hear or feel.
Why should I?
What's the point?

Through this blog I will be sharing personal experiences, and some past ones as well.
Some with photo's, some with out.
The more I relax, the less afraid I am, although at times I am startled.

I also have a hearing problem and don't wear my hearing aids as much as I should. I'm not deaf in any way. I'm just astonished I can hear what I hear.

I won't publicize my blog, so if you happen to stumble across it, (on your own) (or by word of mouth) I hope you'll be nice and maybe offer some words of wisdom, as to while I'm "sensitive" to what is around me.

And strange as it is... when I'm around friends or in their homes, I'm able to help them in ways I can't help my self.

A little background of me and my beliefs:
I was born and raised Catholic. The whole nine yards. After High School, I went my own way as into beliefs. I discovered that while everyone believes in "God", each religious practice has their own interpretation of a higher being.
And while I don't go to church any more, I still practice Catholic traditions during the Holidays, and enjoy visiting old churches for their beauty and "good" energy.

For my beliefs,- I believe in energy.
The Earths energy in living nature, energy coming from those people that I come in contact with as well as those that have passed on.

I know everyone needs to believe in something. So while I respect your belief, please respect mine.
Thank you