Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shadows and Sounds

Awhile ago I was enjoying a evening of "Will and Grace" reruns. I had the Televisions volume on mute and had the closed caption on instead as to not bother anyone sleeping. I was downstairs in the living room. It was at the end of some episode where 'Jack' did something hilarious and I laughed out loud.
Instantly I heard on my right side a voice, as if it were under water, say- "stop that noise!"

Scared the crap out of me.

But that's not all.

Earlier in the evening I had been witnessing all sorts of shadows darting all over the place. I would see them lean over the railing at me, peek around the corner at the bottom of the stairs, flit under the kitchen table and on it.
I was on edge, because I felt like my home was under invasion.
So I turned on a hall light and even a light in the kitchen.
Helped for a little bit until I heard that sound.

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