Monday, August 24, 2009

Flash back with Dyllan

We spent yesterday at the Laguna Niguel Regional park for a celebration event with some Fiskateers and their family. Later when we got in the car to leave, we decided to drive all around the park to see what else they offer. A lake for fishing, lots of picnic spots and at one end, I had a flash back to when Dyllan was 2, and we were walking around the end closer to Alicia pkwy, he had suddenly pointed towards a bathroom structure and said "Horsey"!
We were the only ones there and no horses were in sight although the place does have horse trails.

Again he squeals, "Horsey"! and runs in the direction of the building, then stops, looks up,(as if the horse is right there) and turns back to us and says "horsey"

I asked him what color the horse was and he said it was brown. I snapped off a few photo's and got nothing. I did not even sense anything. But I beleived he saw what he said , because shortly after, he said "bye bye horsey" and waved at it as if it were trotting off to greener pastures.

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