Tuesday, March 22, 2011

There is "Something" in my Garage.

Last Saturday evening as I was making my nightly rounds, checking all the locks, I opened the garage to check and see if the garage door lock was set. Immediately I saw a head like grayish shape on top of Brian's car. It startled me and was gone too quickly.

The following day, Sunday, I was in and out of the garage all day doing laundry. When as I was taking out the trash, I noticed a "figure" all in grey to my right. Behind my car in front of the washing machines. I actually turned my whole body to look as it was just "there' and then it was not.

last night (Monday), late at night I opened the garage to check on the garage lock and glancing down in between the bikes, I saw something. It was roundish/ovalish. First impression was the top of a greasy head, then maybe a animal? It had hair or fur in different shades of gray. Long fur, shiny or greasy. Silvery gray, dark gray. I don't know other than it scared me. I don't know what it can be. I wonder if it's from the recent "mega moon", as I've been having increased activity in the house. Nothing as alarming as this.

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