Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What was that?

Last night I was up late making some new wire wrapped Faerie Furniture for my shop. Then I relaxed on the couch watching a movie and had a snack of salted Edaname peas.
Through out the evening, my ears were singing. Sometimes it feels as if I'm in a atrium and ALL the birds are singing. Last night, I had to turn up the volume of the TV because the noise was so loud. I've also noticed that it's a "sign" of something to occur. But since I'm used to the noise, AND strange occurrences...I usually don't remember everything that happens. It's just daily life to me.

The noise eventually faded.

As the evening grew late, I began to notice movement. Shadows, high and low. And a few flashes of light in the living room, causing me to literally move my head to see what it 'was'.

I got tired. And headed off to bed. We keep one small energy efficient light on downstairs. And the glow of that illuminates our room a bit as I keep the master bedroom door ajar to listen for Dyllan.

As I lay in bed, ready to tumble to dream land, SOMETHING - and I mean Something...(black) moved, ....flew, ....flapped .....from the left ceiling corner over the end of our bed to the corner near the head of our bed, Brian's side. I say "something" as this thing blocked the light of our open door causing me to really follow it not just with my eyes, but my head too!

Barely reeling from what I just saw, I immediately felt from the foot of the bed something climbing up and in between Brian and I, like a pet would do.

I froze. Nothing happened. But I did feel short of breath, and I remember laying there thinking that I was maybe having a allergic reaction to my late night snack and that maybe I should get a benedryl, but I did not, I just went to sleep and it never once occurred to me that something else was was making it hard for me to breathe.

What was that?

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