Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Late one night while watching TV downstairs...I began seeing those bright flashes of lights again.
Usually in the darkened dining/kitchen area. almost as if someone was shining a flash light in through the window, only the blinds were all closed for the night.

One was right at my right arm, cause me to startle and almost drop the needle I was sewing with.
I decided to call it a night and clean up. Went upstairs with the hall light on. On the way to check up on Dyllan, something "zoomed" by inside the darkened master bedroom. High, about my height, bright and fast. from right to left. Big about the size of a cantaloupe. When it zoomed by it had a trail of light like a comet.

I stepped back to look in the room. Nothing. TV was off, shades were drawn, no lights were on.

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