Thursday, January 28, 2010

I've been hearing things again

And it at times scares the crap out of me.
I'm pretty mellow when I see the things I do, but to actually "hear" something I cannot see and for me who has a hearing well, really freaky.
I know it's not coming from outside as our windows are shut day and night since it's winter.
It usually happens when I'm concentrating on a show, my art or even reading a book. And always on my right side in my right ear.

Since December, I've heard:
children playing or laughing (late at night)
a breath
muted adult conversation
a cough
clearing of the throat

I hear the sounds of walking around upstairs (when I'm downstairs watching TV at night) and always half expect our son to ask for water...but nothing.

I hear walking on our stairs and in the hallways when I'm in the studio. - I can tell you that there is no mistaking our creaky floorboards....

When I'm in my studio working on things, I'm always hearing something fall...but nothing has.

It's no wonder I'm so jumpy when my husband comes upon me when I'm least expecting it.

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